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General Information
Area: 19,069 sq km
Population: 877,524 (2000)

Van and its surroundings in terms of geography and the defense is an important location for the area has been inhabited since ancient times, has been home to many civilizations over the traces.
City of Van, cultural assets, natural beauty, local traditions, transportation facilities and major tourist centers of the four-season climate that creates a different beauty.
Van and the surrounding area is a dynamic region since ancient times. Which is the oldest residential areas in the Turkmen city has been home to various ethnic groups at different times. In addition, a border city that have been affected by the cultures of neighboring countries is quite colorful cultural accumulation, has led to the Van.
Origin of the name is not known precisely in Van province. name of the province's oldest known settlement, which is the capital of the Urartu Tuğpa'dır for many years. The oldest name of the region dates from the time the Urartu. BC 9. century, written documents, the region of Urartu Biaina / Bian country, in Assyrian sources as the Nairi passes. In the capital, the establishment of Tuğpa'nın I. Sarduri time? In the BC 9. century. Archaeological work in the history of the city of Van Castle Höyüğü'ndeki BC 3000, showed that going back to early Bronze Age. BC 7. Century II. Rusa of Urartu period, the administration center Rusahinili (Toprakkale) made the kings of Urartu "Tuğpa'nın Lord" have used the title proudly.
 BC 6. century, Scythians, and Med raids, has lead to the end of the Urartian Kingdom and Tuğpa'nın. Old Tunç'tan I. Continued without interruption until the end of World War II who settled in the city Hurrians, Urartu, Medes, Persians, Parthlar, Byzantine, Sassanid, Seljuks, and Akkoyunlu Karakoyunlu Turkmen, is seen traces of the Safavids and the Ottomans. Van, who won the status of State in the Ottoman period have been important developments in that period. Occupied by the Russians during the First World War in 1918, the occupation of Van and its environs was rescued on April 2. After eliminating the invasion, "Bonds locality called" re-established at present. The modern city of Van province in 1923, the city has been developed
Hurrians ago and settled in Van and its surroundings, more than 200 years after the period of Urartu ruled. Then the Medes, Persians, Macedonians, (Alexander the Great), the Parthians, the Sassanid, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ilkhanate, Celayiroğulları, the houses, Akkoyunlus, the Safavids and the Ottomans were dominant.
3000 meters north of the province in 2400 with heights ranging from the mountains of Tendürek "Boundary Mountains" lies. Van region is located in large rivers and streams. The most important of these rivers Hosap juice, tea Memedik, Karasu, Bendimahi tea, Delicay, tea and Zilan Irşat rivers.
Van is also an important region in terms of lakes and little bölgedir.irili other side of the lake, the largest lake in Turkey in this region.
Summers are hot and winters rainy and less rainy and quite cold at passes. Spices in the rainy and warm.
Where to Eat
Murtuğa (breakfast), tzatziki (breakfast), ilitme, sour, and types of food, such as the famous Van herby cheese senseger indigenous foods. Kavut, ilitme, sour, Keledoş sengeser and authentic cuisine.
Do not Leave Without
Van Castle, Van Museum, Hoşap Castle, Muradiye waterfall, Edremit and cruise around Lake Gevas longshore and being seen,
The world-famous Van cat, green eyes, one eye blue and the other without,
The world-famous Van Kilims and Savat (silver), embroidered products, handicrafts, without
Rich Van, a kitchen with dishes, eating,
... ... Dönmeyin.
The city is 3000 m. The height is surrounded by volcanic mountains. A depression in the middle of the volcanic basin of Lake Van area. 53% of the territory of the province with mountains, plateaus, 33%, 14% is surrounded by plains.

Van region covering 53% of the mountains and breaks formed as a result of various geological periods, curl. Foremost in the northern part of the province, outside the borders of the peaks of Aladdin (3255) and Tendürek Mountain (3542) are available. Of these there are mountain ranges extending up to the Iranian border, east of Mount Tendürek. The height of these mountains reaches m.ye 2600-2900. This is the main elevations of the mountains; Dumanlıdağ, Elegen Mountains, of the Forty Mountain, Mountain and Kotur Tepesi'dir Tavur. Karasu basin between the mountains and near the north Bendimahi Basin, alikelle Mountain (2850 m.) is located in the extensions of the mountain, goes down to the flatness of the Abkhazians. The highest mountain Pirreşit Mountain (3200 m). These mountain ranges, respectively, Buffalo Mountain (3020 m), Isabey Dagi (3000) followed. They are reaching out to the southwest into a regular backpack with Karasu Valley, between Lake Van, Soli Mountain (2900 m) and continues.
Province in the south-east elevations, gradually increases and becomes smooth as the mountains. This is the most important of the mountain range; Ahlat Mountain (2810) and Korahal Mountain (2700) is. Extension of the border mountains of Mount Tendürek, Gündizin Mountain (3100), Koçalan Mountain, Bilecik mountain, Mount Angel area's major mountains. Cut projections in some parts of the lake between the mountains began Şuşanıs Mountain (2750), Narkut Mountain (2800), Ispir Mountain (3688) are available. In the southern part of the province, southeastern extension of the Taurus Mountains Kavuşahap took place. Gökdağ (3604 m.), mucus Mountain (3414 m) Arnos Mountain (3547 m.), Artos Mountain (3537 m.), the other important yükseltilerdir here.

Plateau, Plateau and Plains

33% of the territory of the province of Van, the plateau is covered plains and plateaus. These fields III. Occurring at elevations occurred at the end. The chalky volcanic soil of these areas, and is hairy. Bunarın certain başlıları Norduz Plateau, north of Caldiran Abaza Düzü District, Blue Lake çukurluğunun western highlands, the highlands north of Lake Ercek Ahlat Mountain Water around the southeast Hosap broad plateaus.
Covering the main plains of the province of Van to give 13.7% plain, covers an area of ​​150 km between Karasu Hosap Juice. Plain, 150 km north of Lake Van, covers an area of ​​Ercis. An altitude of 2,400 above sea level Gurpinar Hosap Plain, covers an area of ​​180 km2.

Plain, 2000 meters above sea level Muradiye district Muradiye height, spread over 525 km. Also Tarhani Düzü 50 km2, 80 km2 Noşar Düzü, 2,100 meters above sea level Plain palace is spread over a height of 45 km2, the most fertile land of the province. In addition, the province Karakallı and other flat areas Erçek solids.


There are many small akarsı in areas outside the Van Basin. However, the river dries in summer.

I-i Mahi Water

Basin of Lake Van, the largest river in the northern province of Bend-i Mahi Aladdin Juice Mountain Tendürek merger occurred between the various arms. Goose Lake and the river from the southwest of Mount Tendürek Sarigöl often changes direction and merges with Caldiran Plain suladıktan Yaglidere and then exceeds Göndürme Strait. Plain water is poured into the north of Van Lake, and after that, Muradiye. This stream length 90 km long.

Hosap Juice (Deniz)

Mountains and Water and İspir Baskale Hosap from Norduz Yaylasından, Koçkıran, born in the mountains of the many streams that fed Gelispiri and Ministry of Environment. Flows through a deep valley to the east and west direction, Hosap Zernek her throat and then enters the plain suladıktan. After passing through this plain Havasor poured into Lake Van. The length of this river 130 km long.


Born in the mountains 130 km north of the town of Karasu Ozalp. long. After descending from high mountains surrounding the small streams feeding a deep valley beyond, into the flatness of Akbulak. Meanwhile, closer to Lake Ercek Plain Timar, then poured into Lake Van.

Tea Memedik
Ozalp district of the collection of the many rivers on the plateau of the Palace Memedik River flows east to west direction. After passing through the Straits of Memedik Ercek poured into Lake Plain Ercek crosses. This river is 60 km. long.

Zilan Creek

Zilan Aladağ fed creek tributaries flowing from east to north-south direction Hacıdiri Stream waters of the string and passes through a steep valley. After this initial expansion after Ercis Plain poured into Lake Van.

Other rivers in the territory of the province of Van Delicay, İrşat River, Kırkgeçit Creek, Cigli Water Water is the Catak.


There are many lakes in the van. Chief among these is the Van Lake and Lake Ercek.

Lake Van
Lake Van, Turkey's largest, Europe's fifth largest lake. 3764 sq km area of ​​the lake and passes through the depth of 100 meters in some places. Length of 125 km., Width of 65 km. exceed the standard. Height 1646 m. ​​above sea level. Due to the size of the people by the "Van Sea," he remembered.

History of the prehistoric waves of the lake because of Urartu "Wavy Sea," the name of the yakıştırmışlardır. After the Battle of Manzikert Seljuks settled around the lake. Mesopotamians the lake, "Nayri Sea" gave the name. However, some sources, the Small Sea, Ahlat admit, is also found in names like Deryaço. Ahlat sedges around the lake, Cornering Delta, Karasu delta, there are Bendimahi Delta. At the same time with the migratory birds stay in this region is an area near Lake Nursun.
The lava from Mount Nemrut geological periods caused the lake to create sets on the Akdamar Island, Carpanak Island, there are islands such as Isle of Lim. Salt water 1000 / 210 soda. For this reason, all kinds of material is used in laundry cleaning the waters of the lake. In addition, salinity of the lake is 0.19%. According to research, the lake water is known to be good for skin and skin diseases. The most important feature of the lake appears on different colors at different times in different seasons. Freight wagons on both sides of the lake ferries running between Van and Tatvan. In addition, the boats from the island of Akdamar Gevas working pier.
Van sazlığında summer brooding duck, lake, west of the peninsula reproducing toy, brooding on the islands of Lake Van, Lake Van with gull-specific species of fish and plankton that fed chub pearl (Chalcalburnus tarichi), the main natural features of Lake Van. Chub pearl caught about 15,000 tonnes in May and June and the economic value in terms of taste is an important source of food. Chub pearl of the lake waters other than the fact that soda does not allow the fish to live here.
There is also the story of an island located in Lake Akdamar. Tamara's head monk of the period, it had a beautiful daughter. This girl was in love with a young man living in Gevaş'ta. This is a swim in the lake to reach young Tamara'ya every night, with light onshore in the hands of the Tamara waited for him. But who knows about this secret buluşmalardan head monk, in the hands of a stormy night, the candle down to the shore. Constantly changing location of the light caused by the loss of the power of young people. Young "Oh, Tamara, Tamara, ah," he drowned in the waters of Lake Van. Tamara Ah, Ah Tamara Akhtamar or Akdamar was changed to words over time.
Is a monster in Lake Van in 1997, was put forth some claims, the society's attention is drawn to this direction. This monster 8 to 10 m. neck, making noise, do not harm people, brown-black is a creature of the rumor, the mystery remained for many years. Van by the people, "Canavan", "Cano" made this cute names like the monster in the world-renowned University of Cambridge biologist Jacques Cousteau underwater in the lake have come to Van to make a survey, then the lake has become more important in terms of tourism. At the end of this event, Van's is a developing region and local people in order to boost tourism başvurduğuna connected to such a story.

Lake Ercek

The province's second largest lake after Lake Van Lake Van Lake, east of the Ercek, IV. Well formed, the huge lava occurred in clusters. Lake Van is a threshold that separated the lake basin is in a depression. Plain, northeast of Zengi Sheikh, south of the mountain is surrounded by Windlass. The height is 1,803 m above sea level.
Soda and salty waters of this lake.

The two other major lakes in the province of Van near the Iranian border, west of Goose Lake and its Ask a Lake, Lake, and Hassan Timuran Lake is located north of the Engiz. In addition to these Akgöl, Sultan (Suphan) Lake, north of the province at the foot of Mount Hıdırmenteş Poplar Lake, Yellow Lake are at the foot of Mount Tendürek. In addition, Kuh, Kozan and Erek created by the closure of the mouth of the valley in the valley between the mountains, an artificial lake is Lake of the monk. The monk at the foot of Mountain Lake, north of the Anchor Lake İmaris other small lakes in the territory of the province with the Çengi Lake.

Icmeler & Spas

The city is rich in underground water sources has the resources. There are hot springs with mineral water in a large part of the province.

Mineral waters Akbas Village (Ercis)

Ercis town of Van province, located in the village Akbas Akbas spa temperature 19 degrees. This mineral water is also utilized in the bath through.

Down Şerefhane Mineral Water (Muradiye)

Muradiye district of Van province located between the water temperature is 10 C Muradiye with Caldiran and 00:05 flow rate liters / sec. dir. This mineral water, digestion, kidney and intestinal diseases are good.

Bolbülük Mineral Water (Ozalp)

Ozalp district of Van Province, this mineral water temperature is 12.5 degrees. Bubbling up out of 8.5 liters per second. This water in the digestive, intestinal and kidney disease is good.

Hozi Mineral Water (Baskale)

Hozi Mineral Water temperature in the district of Van province Baskale 13.5 degrees, the flow rate of 0:09 l / sec. dir. This mineral water in the digestive, intestinal and kidney disease is good.

Kanlıbudak Mineral Water (Baskale)

Baskale district of Van Province, this mineral water temperature is 14 degrees per second, 0.5 lt. bubbling.

Zereni Spa (Baskale)

In the district of Van province Baskale ° C. This thermal spring water 55 degrees. Boiled 1 liter per second.

Hasanabdaz Spa (Ercis)

The temperature of the water of the spa town of Ercis Van Deliçay'da 68 degrees. 2 liters of hot spring water bubbling up in seconds.

Village Yoldüştü Mineral Water (Gurpinar)

Gurpinar town of Van province located in the village of this mine Yoldüştü water temperature is 10 degrees. 0.7 liters per second is boiled.

Dervis Spa (Muradiye)

This spa, located in the town of Muradiye Van Çaldıran'da 36 degrees water temperature. 0.05 liters of hot spring water bubbling up in seconds. Used in the treatment of various diseases.

Dergezin Spa (Muradiye)

This spa, located in Van province Çaldıran'da Muradiye district is 36 degrees water temperature, flow rate 5 l / sec. dir.

Excursion Places

Amik Lake Picnic Area

Van-Ercis highway, located on the shores of Lake Amik and the lakes on the edge of the promenade, beaches, famous for its fruit orchards. During the summer a picnic place in the province.

Catak Picnic Place

Catak in the district of Van province in a valley and is located in the promenade, the junction of two of the tea. Is surrounded by forests, has been renowned for trout in Lake Catak. At the same time around the mountain goats, foxes, rabbits and hunting animals like partridge.

Erek Valley Picnic Area

Van Erek Valley on the slopes of this promenade, which has a rich nature. Here is a day coming from the center of the province. Environment is important in terms of hunting tourism.

Picnic Place Horhor Bulağı

City center, in the northwest of the fortress of Van, with the promenade, the famous spring waters.

Edremit Picnic Place

Edremit district of the province of Van, Van, 20 km. away from the promenade, known for its natural beaches and vegetation.

Ganiyisippi Falls

Van, 60 km from the city center. away from the Van-Catak on the highway, 5 km from the town of Catak. is used as a recreation area around the waterfall in the distance. There are trout plants around the waterfall. Waterfall rocks, 100 m. drops. In very dense water flows from the waterfall at the end of April, also on the decline towards the end of summer.

Muradiye Waterfalls

10 km from the town of Van province Muradiye. This waterfall is located on the Bend-i Mahi river through a deep valley, 10-20 m poured from top to bottom. Environment is used as a recreation area. The suspension bridge with the famous.

Van Fairy Chimneys (Vanadokya) (Baskale)

Baskale town of Van province located in the village Yavuzlar and fairy chimneys of Cappadocia region, where the fairy chimneys are similar in terms of the formation is referred to as the Vanadokya.

The volcanic formations that have occurred as a result of erosion of rocks püskürttüğü Yigit Mountain. Today, which has been left to its own devices, and taken under protection of these facilities would be appropriate to be declared a natural park.