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Origin of the name is not known precisely in Van province. name of the province's oldest known settlement, which is the capital of the Urartu Tuğpa'dır for many years. The oldest name of the region dates from the time the Urartu. BC 9. century, written documents, the region of Urartu Biaina / Bian country, in Assyrian sources as the Nairi passes. In the capital, the establishment of Tuğpa'nın I. Sarduri time? In the BC 9. century. Archaeological work in the history of the city of Van Castle Höyüğü'ndeki BC 3000, showed that going back to early Bronze Age. BC 7. Century II. Rusa of Urartu period, the administration center Rusahinili (Toprakkale) made the kings of Urartu "Tuğpa'nın Lord" have used the title proudly.
 BC 6. century, Scythians, and Med raids, has lead to the end of the Urartian Kingdom and Tuğpa'nın. Old Tunç'tan I. Continued without interruption until the end of World War II who settled in the city Hurrians, Urartu, Medes, Persians, Parthlar, Byzantine, Sassanid, Seljuks, and Akkoyunlu Karakoyunlu Turkmen, is seen traces of the Safavids and the Ottomans. Van, who won the status of State in the Ottoman period have been important developments in that period. Occupied by the Russians during the First World War in 1918, the occupation of Van and its environs was rescued on April 2. After eliminating the invasion, "Bonds locality called" re-established at present. The modern city of Van province in 1923, the city has been developed

Van region covering 53% of the mountains and breaks formed as a result of various geological periods, curl. Foremost in the northern part of the province, outside the borders of the peaks of Aladdin (3255) and Tendürek Mountain (3542) are available. Of these there are mountain ranges extending up to the Iranian border, east of Mount Tendürek. The height of these mountains reaches m.ye 2600-2900. This is the main elevations of the mountains; Dumanlıdağ, Elegen Mountains, of the Forty Mountain, Mountain and Kotur Tepesi'dir Tavur. Karasu basin between the mountains and near the north Bendimahi Basin, alikelle Mountain (2850 m.) is located in the extensions of the mountain, goes down to the flatness of the Abkhazians. The highest mountain Pirreşit Mountain (3200 m). These mountain ranges, respectively, Buffalo Mountain (3020 m), Isabey Dagi (3000) followed. They are reaching out to the southwest into a regular backpack with Karasu Valley, between Lake Van, Soli Mountain (2900 m) and continues.

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